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Chakra Balancing Stones Set


Image of Chakra Balancing Stones Set

The ROOT CHAKRA’S colour is red, other colours associated with the Root Chakra are black brown, and gray. Chakra stones like garnet, onyx, and red jasper are beneficial.

The NAVEL (SACRAL) CHAKRA’S colour is orange. Chakra stones like carnelian and orange zincite help to bring the system into balance.

The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA’S colour is yellow. Chakra stones like citrine and yellow sapphire are used.

The HEART CHAKRA’S colour is green and the secondary colour is pink. Chakra stones like rose quartz or green aventurine are useful.

The THROAT CHAKRA’S colour is blue like aqua or turquoise, secondary colours are various shades of lighter blues. Chakra stones like turquoise or blue lace agate balance this chakra.

The BROW (THIRD EYE) CHAKRA’S colour is indigo or shades of dark blue. Chakra stones like lapis lazuli or sodalite compliment this area.

The CROWN CHAKRA’S colour is purple, the secondary colour is clear or white. Chakra stones like amethyst or clear quartz are perfect.